Our Story

Sun Meets Moon was developed to breathe new life into the skincare industry and reshape the conversation of the role of in skincare. Since launching, our focus has been one thing; providing the very best in  skincare for women of all shades. We believe that melanin-rich skin is beautiful and should only be complemented with products aimed to enhance the skin, not drastically change it. We also believe your own personal beauty is the best kind of beauty, and should be celebrated everyday.

At Sun Meets Moon, our guiding principle is that nature has created everything needed to have glowing, healthy skin. That's why all of our products are not only inspired by elements of nature but feature powerful natural ingredients to restore skin to its optimum health and vitality. Whether it’s our 'Wind Whipped' Body Butter or our 'Sun Kissed' Repairing Cream, we create products that give you noticeable results and the confidence you deserve. 

At Sun Meets Moon, we believe that when we harness the properties of natural ingredients to create skincare products, something special happens, kind of like when the...Sun Meets Moon.

The skincare industry needed a revolution, especially as it pertains to products for women of color and who better to know what we want than us. With this line, we developed the products that we always wished were available for us. 

Sina Hilbert, Co-Founder